Vanish Brewing Company – a second look

I had the pleasure of returning to Vanish Brewery this weekend for an impromptu meet up with friends. We live around the corner but as many of you can probably relate – our busy lives have kept us from visiting Vanish for over a year now. I was really surprised and impressed with this return visit.  Many things have changed and improved greatly (not that they needed to), and the place has drastically grown in size both indoors and outdoors!

the wall behind the bar – from Vanish Facebook site

Location, location, location!

First off – if you have not been before, Vanish resides on the 53 acre Black Hops Farm in beautiful Lucketts, Va. Not too far outside of Leesburg or the metro area if you are open to a little driving.  Your trip out to the “country” will be well rewarded.  The location and the beauty surrounding the brewery is what makes Vanish unique.  As you drive up to the brewery you travel trough the overhanging lights greeting you just off the turn from Rt 15.  At the end of the long dirt road, you are greeted with a historic stone house, in a bit disrepair, but pleasant and charming at the same time – adding to the rural setting and the mystique of a brewery named “vanish”. Up the hill around the bend, you will be surprised with a very large Barn structure that is both modern and old fashion at the same time. This large structure is the Tasting Room and it is an impressive space. Mixing traditional barn elements like open rafters and bard wood, reclaimed touches are everywhere.  There are large covered porches on both sides providing ample outdoor seating options for the largest crowds.  Lots of tables, heaters and covered areas to enjoy a pint along with the nice weather and great views. The environment is very family friendly with activities and play areas to keep the kids occupied while the adults get some quality time with their beers!

Inside is a nice but basic barn style setup with dark picnic tables, a few retro video games, and what is likely the largest/longest bar in Loudoun County.  Vanish was well staffed and on this Saturday night supporting the place that was packed with patrons of all sorts, all ages, and families galore. With our two kids in tow, we met our friends and settled into the vibrant and bustling scene before us.


Vanish is not only large and impressive, they feature a tap list of over 20 beers of all sorts and varieties.  They have large selections of both Hoppy beers featuring multiple IPAs and Malty Beers featuring, ales, lagers and

Vanish beer – photo: Scott Mitchell

stouts.  Even some more adventurous beers featuring- sours, fruity witbiers, and barrel-aged selections.   Something to please every pallet.

My favorite of the evening – the Milk Stout on Nitro! Milk Stouts are not the easiest to find around here, and if you can fing it on Nitro – you are in luck!  You will know how I feel about these if you have read my other post here.  Second was the solid american amber style ale they call Waves.  If your are looking for something totally unique – try the Chai Latte Dunkelweizen.  Not sure where else locally you can find anything like this one!

Vanish flights are available in a few different sizes – 6 and 12 that we saw, so you can explore the whole beer list, or just a few key selections based on your own individual tastes.   You can find the full and impressive list of beers here along with the ratings from Untapped on the Vanish Web site here –


One of the best things about Vanish is that they offer abundant food options. This allows for you to settle in and stay for a while – while keeping your hunger and kids at bay!  The main attraction is fresh BBQ smoked onsite daily featuring brisket, ribs, pork and chicken – sandwiches, platters, BBQ nachos and even BBQ by the pound. In addition, typical bar food like Soft Pretzels (with beer cheese), hot dogs and chips and salsa are available. On this visit we got to try the new Pizzas that are fired in a wood burning oven. Ours were nicely done and tasty with a crisp crust and spicy sauce. We had all 3 varieties – cheese, pepperoni, and BBQ chicken.  The kids enjoyed the food and it kept them satisfied and occupied allowing us to enjoy some adult conversation and our beers!  There was also a food truck parked outside in the back featuring Mexican food selections for those interested.


While on this Saturday night, the crowd was large, boisterous and loud – there was a very talented young singer competing with the background noise while belting out great classic rock songs to a small group of focused patrons. If interested, her name was Hayley Fahey –  and her FB site is here –  – definitely worth seeing!

Vanish regularly features entertainment and has a calendar online listing who, what and when.  Events listing is here:

Take out

Vanish 32oz to go can
Vanish Winter Lager 32oz Take Out Can

Vanish features an auto growler filling machine, something that is fun to watch and intriguing in design. They will fill most growlers of anything they have on tap. They also have an inventive canning machine that allows you to fill a 32oz can of any beer selection (called a Crowler – can/growler) and then a machine puts a typical beer can cap on it.  I had to see this in action, so I ordered the Waves in crowler to take home.

Fresh beer in a giant can – Beer To go just got a lot cooler!

They have a  video here showing how this is done:


Vanish is a great place to visit and spend an afternoon or evening. Their unique location and barn environment, combined with an extraordinary beer selection and a family friendly environment differentiate it in this abundant Loudoun County beer scene. I was quite frankly surprised at just how many people were there on this Saturday night, but after my visit, it was clear what attracts the crowd. Quality beer and a large selection of styles, attentive staff, good food, and a unique location. This combination seems to attract quality craft beer seekers and families alike and keeps them coming back for more. I will certainly be back soon as well.  Put Vanish at the top of the list for your next brewery visit, and bring the family – you won’t regret it.



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