Milk Stout kind of night?

It’s a Milk Stout kind of night in Northern Va!

This has been some cold weather lately!This extreme cold weather that we have been forced to endure these past 5 days has been nothing short of hellish. However, there is one side of this cold weather that I do actually enjoy. No, it is not skiing or going sledding, or even shoveling the driveway.

The part that I really enjoy, is the opportunity to have a nice, rich and malty beer with the heat cranked up and the fire going. Playoff football on the TV just adds to the experience.

This time Year is a great time to discover and enjoy rich hearty beers like stouts and porters. There are so many varieties of these beers around us, but one of best in my humble opinion is the hearty, yet sweet flavors of a good Milk Stout. There is just something unique and special about this smooth and creamy but dark and malty beer that just pairs so well with a cozy Sunday evening, watching football or other programs you enjoy – all while temperatures outside flirt with the low single digits. It helps encourage a cozy and warm feeling that few beers can deliver. If you can get it on Nitro – then even better – just do it, I don’t think you will be disappointed!

If you are not familiar with this style – I encourage you to check it out. Below is a great article on the history and details on this style of stout that I found interesting and educational. Even touches on the history about how it almost became extinct at one point – Nooooooo! Thankfully brewers and breweries have revived it and we continue to have an opportunity to enjoy it!

Here is the article:

“What the hell is a Milk Stout” from the American Craft Beer site:

If you are looking to find some Milk Stout locally – you are in luck as there are several local breweries offering this right now:

  • Ocelot Brewing Company – Little Black Book Milk Stout on Nitro – on tap
  • Vanish Farm Brewery – Milk Stout – on tap
  • Corcoran Brewery – FU Cancer Milk Stout – on tap

Similar stouts such as Oatmeal, Dry and Imperial varieties are available at Lost Rhino, Old Ox, Black Hoof and other local breweries.

So grab some Milk Stout, crank up the heat and start a fire! You will enjoy it, trust me!



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